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Don't Let Your Jewelry Ideas Escape

Your Jewelry Design DiaryCreativity is a quirky, self-centered vixen. When you need it most, it smiles and giggles and runs away like a naughty toddler.  Creative block is inevitable. You understand this if you've ever had to craft jewelry in quantities enough to stock an arts and craft show booth. It’s difficult to keep producing fresh designs, but what can you do?

You must grab those ideas before they escape forever!

Jewelry designs arrive on their own time You can’t force your jewelry-making muse to cooperate. She (or he) won't come just because you have a big event and need a well-stocked booth. Great design ideas don’t arrive when you need them. They pop into your head when you're driving down the street or talking on the phone. Or even deep in sleep.
It’s impossible to keep your creative juices flowing 24/7. They run sluggishly then kick into high gear when you are deeply into some other activity. It's up to you to recognize the urge, grab it, and hold onto it the mo…

Twinkle-Twinkle Funky Star

Stars are so twinkly... so magical... so funky. It's no wonder I'm drawn to starry themes when I get crafty. Stars are fascinating, especially when added to earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can make your stars simple or dress them up with beads. Wire stars lead a doubly creative life. They add funky little accents to your jewelry creations. You can also use them to spice up your home decor when you add them to photo frames, mobiles, and other crafty projects. Twinkle-Twinkle, simple star!You could go twinkle-twinkle wild, but start out simply, please. Try making an uncomplicated pair of wire star earrings. You or your teen can create them inexpensively with craft wire and a pair of earwires. You can add beads if you choose and your project still shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

This wire star technique is so simple, you can easily create a few of your own. All you'll need is wire, jewelry making tools, and a sense of whimsy. Tools PliersWire CuttersRulerFileHam…

If I Were the Queen of Handmade Jewelry

If I ever become the queen of handmade jewelry, on my very first day I will issue a proclamation:

"Hear ye, hear ye, loyal jewelry-making subjects. From this day forward, thou art no longer required to make earrings that match."Asymmetrical is funky Look at the earrings above. Aren't they fun and funky? Isn't it obvious that I had a joyful time creating them? It's easy if you follow a few simple non-rule rules:

If you use beads, (sometimes I don't) keep them in the same color family. When you work, go full-on creative, make each pair a dangly work of art. If you run short of ideas, inspire your creativity with a theme. (I like Wild Woman.)  When you're finished, name each pair, like the work of art it is. My customers love that. Remember: Just because you call them a "pair," it doesn't mean they have to match.
No, really! Your earrings don't have to match

I remember my first pair of non-matching earrings. Of course, I didn't think of my li…