Wire Jewelry - Make it Funky

Excerpt from The Nice Lady's ebook

Chapter 1 - Calling Out Your FunkyFunky Defined... just in case you didn’t - different but cool/ - passionate, soulful, of or pertaining to funk I’m not the official Funk Authority. That would probably be the late James Brown. The man practically invented funk back in the 60s. He sang about funk. He danced the funk. In fact, I can hear those Funky horns in my head as I type these words.

I’m pretty sure old James was talking about getting Funky on the dance floor; but his song, “Make it
Funky,” is what came to mind when I was trying to decide the theme and title of this book.
Of course, I don’t remember James Brown‒or anybody else‒calling out jewelry makers to surrender  to their Funky style. Since I’ve been teaching my Funky way of making jewelry for a few decades now, I decided that I had to be the one to do it. No rules My teachings don’t follow anybody’s rules except the ones I thought up over …

Jewelry Newbies: Did Ancient Artisan's Summon You to Make Jewelry?

Have you ever seen a pair of earrings at an online market or art and craft show and whispered to a friend, "I can make those"? 
Perhaps you had no idea where the thought came from because you'd never picked up a tool in your life. But you believed it when you said it. 
Of course, by the time you got home, the idea of making earrings might have struck you as a bit fanciful. You have a day job, after all, and kids and housework... and well, stuff.

Besides, who has time for creative pursuits? 
Well... you do.
Nobody expects you to be an instant artist. At least I don't. But you can learn any skill if you try it one step at a time.   Artisans in Your Family Tree?

That call to creativity you heard could have been a crazed notion. But what if that voice in your ear was a summons from artisans of an ancient, long-forgotten branch of your family tree? 
Perhaps your family roots grow deep in ancient Mesopotamia, Greece or Rome, where working artist groups created everything …

Craft a Quick and Easy Fabric Necklace

It's hard to get crafty when you have so many things to do. What you need is a creative project that's easy, fun, and quick. This colorful fabric necklace is all of those things. It combines sewing and jewelry making. Most importantly, this crafty necklace is so easy it will take less than 30 minutes out of your hectic day.

MaterialsYou can select the fabric of your choice: a neutral remnant or a whimsical print that fits your style. If you've sewn a dress or skirt from a fabric you love, make a necklace from the leftovers.
3 inches of 36-inch wide cotton fabricA spool of color coordinated threadRound wooden beads from the wood section of a craft store. The illustrated necklace uses beads that are 3/4 inch in diameter.Craft wire (optional.) You may use thread instead.ToolsThe tools you need aren’t really tools at all. Of course, if you want to get a little fancy with wire trim, you might need a pair pliers and a pair of wire cutters; but as you see, those are option…

Color Trends? Forget That Mess!

2018 is still a few months away, but, as always,Pantone is on the ball. They've already named their color of the year. It’s “Greenery,” you know like tree leaves. But I don’t care. Do you?
If you make handmade jewelry, it’s okay if you care, but you don’t have to. Can you say yes to any of these questions?
Do you research seasonal color trends before you decide which beads to use? Do you scan accessory blogs to make sure you mix and match the right tones? Do you check the fashion mags to see what’s hot and what’s not?
Suppose you do all of these things and then check your bead stash only to find that all of those beads you bought just a few months ago are on the “not” list? What then?
Do you spend hundreds of dollars ordering different colored beads?
Forget that mess!
It’s nice to jibe with annual color trends, but you don’t have to. Yes, you want to create handmade jewelry that sells, but it’s not that complicated.
Over the years I taught hundreds of women to create and sell jewelry, and n…

Are You Serious About Your Handcrafted Jewelry Business?

Are you serious about your handcrafted jewelry business? Of course, you think you are, but there’s one way know for sure. Ask yourself this question:
Where do you plan to do your Christmas shopping this year?
If your brain automatically flips to Black Friday shopping, there’s something wrong somewhere. Perhaps you don’t take your jewelry business as seriously as you should.
Other People Give Your Jewelry as Gifts

If you sell handcrafted jewelry online or do local art and craft events, you probably notice a surge in sales this time of year. You know what’s happening, of course. People who love your jewelry are buying it to give as gifts. They want to share it with the people they care about, but what about you?
If a stranger feels confident enough in your creativity to buy your jewelry, wrap it up, put it under their Christmas tree, and give it to the people they love, shouldn't you feel the same way?
Show friends and family you mean business
Sometimes friends and family don’t see what y…

What Do You Mean You Don't Wear Jewelry?

When I talk to new jewelry students about selling offline at local events, I caution them to do Art and Craft-friendly venues only. I also suggest that if they are invited to do a non-craft, non-art event, do a little research before paying the show fees. 

Art and Craft patrons come to events because they appreciate the ability to purchase handcrafted items. They usually know the value of your work and you don't have to educate them about stones, beads, metals, and wire. Art/Craft lovers enjoy meeting you because you are the artisan. They see you as talented and creative, and when they like something, they buy it without haggling over your price. 

At non-craft, non-art event, attendees often see you as just another vendor pushing a product. They may look, ask for your business card, and walk away empty-handed. 

My Marketing NosAs an artisan, you do want to be appreciated. You want people to enjoy your work and pay you a fair price. When you consider displaying your jewelry in offline…

You Don't Need no Stinkin' Beads!

I've been pushing my wire jewelry-making agenda for a few decades now. I remember taking over an established jewelry class and trying to convince the students to give up headpins and use wire instead. I'll admit, they thought I was a little crazy. 

I was never able to convince them to stop using headpins, so one day I simply locked up all the headpins before they arrived for class. That's what led to my first "Day Without Headpins" workshop. 

I loved making wire jewelry long before it was popular. So, of course, I got excited in recent years when I noticed that many of you were becoming wire people too. You're stepping away from bead-laden jewelry... and headpins. You're mastering wire-work. You're making wire diva creations with techniques so complicated it makes me dizzy. And it's beautiful.
I'm still on my wire missionI love that so many makers are focusing on the power of wire. You're showing off a single bead or a few beads, or no beads …