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Ebay Monday

For those of you "doing eBay," you may know that listing your handcrafted jewelry, as much time and effort as that takes, is only the beginning. You must first get those thousands of eBay surfers to notice your jewelry (easier said than done) then hope they place bids on your lovely jewelry, you are on the clock indeed.

You must follow the auction, check back to see if any customer has a question. By the way, a customer can post a question right there on your listing for all to see; and if you miss one day, there is bound to be a sticky, trick question you didn't address in time.

Once you get that first eBay bid, you must wait for the duration of the auction, make note of the winner (Hope enough people have found your auction to get into a round of lively bidding) pack your order, wrap it, then ship it by the time you said you would; otherwise you are destined for the dreaded ..... Negative Feedback.

Just in case you didn't know, a feedback rating is the eBay b…

Handcrafted Jewelry "Simple Hearts"

As a jewelry artist, you don't have to go the complicated route to create wearable art. As with "Simple Hearts," you can use basic wire-working skills to bring to life beautiful, whimsical or even funky-artsy earrings. It's a simple process: Learn a few basic techniques Practice by playing with the wire until you become comfortable enough to feel in control Let your imagination carry you away.Learn to create these simple wire hearts and you can use them as charms in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You need only basic tools: pliers, cutters, and round-nosed pliers to transform wire into a pair of whimsical hearts for simple earrings or charms for all of your jewelry pieces.

Materials: To create your "Simple Hearts," you need wire. Choose sterling silver, copper, gold-filled or whatever wire you prefer. You will need:
12 inches of 18 gauge wire1 pair or ear-wires
Cut Your wire 2- 4 inch 18 gauge pieces for the heart shape.4- 1 inch 18 gauge lengths for figure…

Creative Block - Too Busy To Create

Aaaahhh creative block, my old friend.

Sometimes you just don't feel that .... artsy thing that allows you to create beauty day after day. But if you sell handcrafted jewelry on line or have a big art show or or craft show coming up sooner than you care to imagine, you simply have no choice.

So you make promises. You will get up at 5 AM on Monday morning. You will make fivc pairs of earrings, two bracelets and one necklace each day for five days straight. And you might actually rise at the designated time, but after you shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair, you may just decide your'e too lovely (or too handsome) to stay in and make things.

Or perhaps it's your home that gets to you, all that artistic messiness every where you look; so you clean the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen. No one can fault you for wanting a shiny kitchen. Then you wash the windows to a streakless shine and your entire house to ultimate spotlessess. Of course, in this Stepford housewif…
Here's something a little different. It's not jewelry, but it is quite creative.


10 Blowtorch Safety Tips for Jewelry-Makers

If you have recently graduated from simple beading and wire-work to metalwork, you probably found the transition a bit scary. After all, you've moved from pliers and cutters to far more intimidating devices. Metalwork requires the mastery of handsaws, rotary tools, drills, buffers, polishers and other power-driven implements. Each of these tools has the ability to produce an injury in the blink of an eye, but a blowtorch usually generates the most anxiety. If you are learning to solder metal pieces together, you may already have your first blowtorch. It's the one tool most of my students find intimidating; but with a few safety tips, learning the soldering process can go smoothly.

Blowtorch Virgins
When I start teaching a metal class series with students who have never used a blowtorch before, we must gradually work our way up to the part where I ask them to light a torch for the first time. I spend several days of class time getting them comfortable with the newness of working w…

Crafting Jewelry in the Inner City

Jewelry-making inspires creativity and uplifts self-esteem

Most of the women in Sarah Center's jewelry-making program didn't come to the Cincinnati women’s ministry to learn jewelry making skills. They came for food, clothing, and other available financial assistance. But Sister Jeanette wanted to offer them more.
She organized ballet, opera, and theater outings. She planned teas, luncheons and ice cream socials. She arranged quilting and painting classes and a jewelry program that changed their lives.
Accidental Jewelry Making

Some of the women tried making jewelry because they were referred by a local agency and felt they had to. Others were encouraged to sit in on classes while they waited for word on a request for emergency services.
While some women never came back after their first lesson, others continued to attend classes because no one else had ever encouraged them to create beautiful things. Many found they had a flair for making jewelry and as the jewelry craft progra…