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I'm Using Both Sides of my Brain Today

Today I'm wearing the hats of both writer and jewelry creator or should I say the brains? My day's task is indeed a ticklish juggle, an uncomfortable mix of right brain creativity and left brain analytical skills; but that's what happens when I'm writing a jewelry how-to. I create a piece and write about it as I'm doing it..... and then I take pictures.... It's a miracle I ever finish an article at all.

I've been writing jewelry DIY articles for years; the whole thing should come easily to me. But when I taught classes, the instructions I wrote could be simple because I was standing right there. If anyone had a question they yelled it out and I answered it.

Writing articles for online sites takes a bit more writing savvy. As I write I must put myself in the other person's shoes... or brain I suppose, and decide.. if I didn't know what I was doing, could I figure it out by reading what I just wrote?

It's exhausting duality, playing all those role…

Celebrating My Broken Fingernails

Who Needs Long Nails? Not Me!
These past few months my nails have been long, well not exactly long but long.... er.... than they've been in years. Now they're all broken, which is not exactly a bad thing. In fact I celebrate my broken nails!

Broken fingernails means I'm cutting metal, and bending, swirling and twirling wire again with artistic abandon! I got inspired last week, it jump-started my creativity; and I've been creating jewelry ever since. Not a lot. Nothing really fabulous or time intensive. I'm doing wire-work mostly; but wouldn't you agree that's a start.

Not that I've been sitting like a bump on a log doing nothing at all. I make jewelry, but I write about making jewelry as well, on Associated Content, and a few other sites. I kept writing even when my fingers refused to pick up my pliers, like this article I wrote last week on making A Wire Bracelet Even a Grandma Could Love  And writing doesn't break my fingernails... not unless I&…

Behind in my Jewelry Making But Ahead of You!!

I Should be Making Jewelry, But....
I'm so excited!

I was the third person to sign up to follow the Gladys Knight Jewelry Collection Blog. That's what I mean when I say I'm ahead of you. (I bet you didn't know she had a blog!) Well at least I'm ahead on something. For instance, I am supposed to be making jewelry right now.... but I'm blogging.

I hadn't thought of Gladys Knight in a while... Oh, I know the words to most of her songs, they've been part of my lifelong soundtrack. I sing along each and every time I hear Gladys sing, whether in public or in private, whether it's a good idea or not.

My respect for her as a successful black woman is renewed each time I see her on TV. But until a friend gave me a ticket to a Gospel concert where she was the director of the amazing Saints Unified Voices choir, I must admit I wasn't thinking about her...Not at all. I'm having a hard enough time keeping my mind on making jewerly.

After that con…

Gladys Knight has Her Own Jewelry Line

If you didn't know, let me be the first to tell you. Gladys Knight... you know, "Midnight Train to Georgia."..... that Gladys Knight, has a jewelry line. It's handcrafted, but no, she doesn't make it herself. It's created with semi precious stones and handcrafted beads created by West African artisans.

Gladys Knight Jewelry is so new, it's not even available yet. It will make it's debut at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, July 2 -4. And, according to her website,  if you are one of her few lucky contest winners, you will have the opportunity to meet the diva herself..... that is if you're in New Orleans this July.

For nearly a decade I worked with a group of inner city women at a Cincinnati ministry called Sarah Center. I taught them jewelry making skills and helped them earn money from the jewelry they made. What impresses me about Gladys Knight is that her jewelry program is similar to Sarah Center's cooperative-s…
Hey Mom, Look what I did!

I haven't been in the mood to create jewelry for a while now. That doesn't mean I'm not still twisting and coiling and hammering wire. I'm not shipping orders either, but I did find a way to use tissue and packing tape. (I can be really resourceful sometimes) If I can get the technical part right, I'm going to upload a few pictures to let you see what I've been doing.
In case you can't figure it out, it's a Mother's Day card. I made it with a few reused bits of paper and adorned those with some of the wire work I should be doing for earrings and bracelets and things like that. I formed "Mom" with wire, added it to a wide piece of clear packaging tape, then taped it to a piece of metallic ribbon and that gaudy, yet endearing, animal-striped paper. I mounted all of this on a blank card, and voila!!  a Mothers Day card like no other! Here's another one.

For this one, I reused a pretty paper bag, leftover tis…