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From Bullets to Jewelry - The Ultimate in Upcycling

I Will Not Complain!
From this day forward, I will not whine nor will I utter a word of complaint when I run out of sterling silver or copper or even beads when I'm making jewelry. I will not get sad when I've broken my last jeweler's saw blade. I will not complain at all. Why, you ask?

I just read a CNN.COM article and saw a slideshow about a teenager in Ghana who makes jewelry out of bullets.... yes, bullets. She creates the ultimate upcycled jewelry, taking what she finds... which happens to be spent shell casings, and she crafts wonderful jewelry apparently collected and worn by folks like Angelina Jolie and Hallie Berry.

Lovetta Conto is a native of Liberia who fled her country due to civil war and spent her formative years in a Ghana refugee camp with 47000 other refugees..... It seems the only thing easy to come by in Lovetta's life was bullets. You gotta love the spirit of taking lemons and making lemonade.... or should I say taking bullets and making jewelry...…

Upcycled Jewelry - Create a Bracelet With Colorful, Quirky "Green" Style

Got Plastic!

Have you ever really looked at a plastic shampoo bottle? The colors are so deep and rich, so pretty it's hard to throw them away or even recycle them. You don't have to if you make them into jewelry...

I won't bore you with talk of green lives and landfills. But I promise if you follow these simple instructions, you can turn some of that pretty plastic into a colorful, fun and quirky bracelet. Your non-crafty friends will be so inspired by your eco-friendly jewelry style, they'll want upcycled jewelry too. They might even make it themselves.
Tools PliersSturdy scissorsHole punching tool: sturdy paper punch (office supply or craft store), precision punch ( or or hand drill (about 3 dollars at craft stores)

Materials Colorful Plastic: bottles, used credit or gift cards, coffee can lids, etc.25 to 30 Base metal jump rings or spring rings from a craft store like Michael's.Wire for trim (Optional)Fine line markerBracelet length ch…

A Tip of the Hat While I Wait for Jewelry Inspiration

I haven't blogged in a while...

I would like to say it's because I have been hard at work, fashioning wire and metal and beads into beautiful jewelry creations, but I haven't.

I've done a bit of that, mind you, just not as much as I should... Inspiration comes when it comes... and mine doesn't come as often as it used to.. which means the money I get from selling my jewelry comes when it feels like it....... Oh! That's why they call us Starving Artists!

In the meantime, I'm writing. Here's a link to my most recent article about transforming a straw hat from drab to beautiful....

Craft a New Summertime Look for Your Old Straw Hat

It's not jewelry, but you have to admit, it's Crafty!!