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I'm Quite the Crafty Writer!

I'm Quite Crafty!
Did I ever mention that I write crafts articles for Associated , and a few other sites; but my work with AC.... now a part of the Yahoo! network, is the most challenging these days. At AC I have an actual title: Featured Crafts... or is it Crafting Contributor.

Yes, I'm one of a few AC Featured Crafting Contributors. That means I write at least 3 new craft titles each month......which shouldn't be difficult at all. I'm quite crafty!

My crafting days began with those sweet little cut and paste Vacation Bible School Crafts. I went on to drawing and painting in high school. As an adult I wore a corporate suit everyday and crafted nights and weekends. Talk about multi-tasking!

I've tried my crafty hand at everything from wedding cakes to banners and hand painted tees. Can you believe I used to paint the Cincinnati Skyline freehand on black tee shirts and sell them for 10 bucks at craft shows?

Thank Goodness For Gladys Knight