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Handcrafted Jewelry Lovers In Heaven

Kirpal, my former jewelry student, died recently at age 89. She was a retired teacher getting on in years, yet determined to live life to the fullest. She refused to sit and do nothing; and that's how she wound up in my jewelry class.

Kirpal was beautiful, elegantly silver-haired; and like many traditional women of India, she wore beautiful silken pants and tunics and long flowing scarves. Kirpal was creative, lively and she loved to dance. She was everything I hope to be when I'm 89.

And she loved to make jewelry. Of course, I could never get her to use a blowtorch or a jeweler's saw, but she could bend, curl and swirl wire with the best of them.

Young In Spirit 

For over 8 years Kirpal was the senior member of my group, but in spirit, drive and sheer determination, she was younger than any student in my class.

At 89, hands were frail. Sometimes they would ache or she would tire, but she never quit. While younger members of the class might complain about a new jewelry…

No eBay This Year - Handcrafted Karma

No eBay This Year
It's the middle of the Fall Arts and Craft show season. This time last year I was knee deep in eBay activities. You know the drill: making jewelry, taking pictures of it, writing listings, watching the auctions,  getting the order details right, packing it up, printing the label and getting it to the post office before they shut the door in your face. whew!!

No Arts and Craft Shows Either
I'm not doing eBay this year and I'm not doing a fall schedule of Arts and Craft shows either. It's been so long since I've done shows on a regular basis, I'm not on anybody's mailing list any more.

You'd think that wouldn't be a problem in light of applications like Zapplication, the online art show submission process for this millennium instead of the last; but most of the shows I used to do don't use that service.

Handcrafted Karma

My stuff is just sitting on Etsy waiting to be found. .. well not the stuff, actually... just pictures of the…