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Times Have Changed: Custom Graduation Cards by Etsy Artisans (The only old school color choice was black & white)

Times have changed

You know, I never thought about it until just this minute, but pretty much everything was black and white when I was young: socks, underwear, television, sheets...everything. (That sounds like something an old person would say, doesn't it?)

Now even graduates have choices. Thanks to the card artisans (cardisans) like Itsy Bitsy Paper and Gwen Marie Designs at, your graduate can have an invitation or announcement that's closer to something we people of a certain age would have chosen if we'd had the option. They can even add pictures, two or three pictures if they want.

What a newfangled indeed!

Now a grad can choose any color they desire. Any color!! If we'd had the option of a custom design graduation announcements, which we didn't, it would have cost hundreds. Now you can get a custom look for a very nice price.

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A Year Post eBay Burn Out

I'm about a year behind on making jewelry. It was about this time last year when I began a slowwwww down that never quite picked up. 

I blame it on eBay. It took months for people to find me, but once they did, I worked day and night, creating, photographing, listing, monitoring auctions, packaging and zipping off to the post office to make sure I beat the last pick up. I got really good at it.

I shipped eBay packages nearly every day for about 3 & 1/2 years. I did it in the rain, snow sleet and hail... like a mailman I suppose. I did it on crutches and walking and without a car and on the bus sometimes.... It was all too much, not fun after a while. It was nothing like selling at an arts and craft show in the great outdoors. There you smile and laugh.

So it's only natural that I missed a day making jewelry here and there until I kicked my 1400 100% positive rating, (pretty good in eBay speak) to the curb.... then I walked away. 

I sell on ETSY now, a slower paced site.... at…

My Inspiration Lives On..

My mom, Carolyn was my inspiration. Throughout the years of my fairly successful career in the insurance industry, Mom kept insisting I "do something with my art." 

About the time I realized how short life was, I finally heard what my mom was trying to say. I quit my corporate job and proceeded to find my artsy self. 

That was just about 20 years ago. Since then I have created jewelry, grown in my mastery of wire and metal work and earned ribbons and cash awards at art shows. 

I have passed on what I've learned to others, including lots of women at an inner city ministry called Sarah Center.

My wonderful, inspiring mother passed away in January. The entire month went by in a blur, but I'm feeling that old inspiration again. Just the way she would have wanted it. 

I have been writing articles and teaching classes set up via Groupon. (Click here if you want to know how to do that)

I'm doing alright with my artsy self.  I'm feeling inspired.... now if only I can get…