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Use a Blowtorch to Make Jewelry? Yes You Can!

I remember when I first decided to learn metalwork. I'd been making jewelry for a while. I'd even cut copper sheets with metal shears and soldered it with a soldering iron and added wire accents. 

My pieces sold well, but I knew true metalwork would require a few skills I didn't have --sawing with a jeweler's saw and using a blowtorch.

Why metalwork?
I've taught lots of jewelry students over the years. Some prefer wire-work or beading to metalwork. I couldn't make them change their minds, but there are a ton of reasons why they should have at least tried. Here are just a few

You can make an item of jewelry from "scratch" --no manufactured parts. You can put your own ideas to work instead of using someone else's.Your jewelry offerings will be unique --different from anyone else.Metalwork brings out the inner creative spirit that was there all along. 

It has nothing to do with bravery
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