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Bungee Cord Bracelets: Jewelry That's Colorful, Fun & Easy!

There's nothing like a little color and fun to spice up a wardrobe. That's what these bungee cord bracelets will do for you.  I was inspired by bungee cord bracelets I saw in a magazine. Those cost around $20; but like most crafty people do, I said to myself, "I can make these." 

I pitched my magazine to the side, and I pulled out a few not-so-worn bungee cords. Yes, I keep bungee cords. Doesn't everyone? Using the bungees, wire and glue I had on hand, I created my own version of a bungee bracelet without spending a dime. 

Of course, I wanted more options; so I bought a few craft store findings and some twisted satin cord from the fabric store. 

Even if you have to buy supplies, your bungee bracelets should cost less than $6 each, and you can make one in about 25 minutes or less.Materials

Bungee cords - Buy a multi-color pack from a dollar store and save money.Glue - I like E600 because it glues anything to anything. If you don't want to spend the extra cash, use…

Teaching a Groupon Jewelry-Making Class

As a jewelry-making instructor, my Groupon experience was a little bit different from the experience that a restaurant, store or other small business might have. I wasn't a restaurant, so I didn't have to cook up enough entrees to accommodate a one-day Groupon onslaught. I wasn't a retailer, so I didn't have to take a loss on Groupon-discounted store inventory.

I'm a jewelry instructor. And as with all Groupon promotions, my class fees were deeply discounted. My earnings generated only a small boost in my personal finances, but in a slow economy every little bit counts.

My Groupon "Deal" 

My Groupon deal was 10 weeks of advanced wire jewelry making classes for a ridiculously low fee. I'd developed the wire techniques and taught them for years; so, fortunately, they didn't require a lot of preparation. The classes were actually fun and I got to know some talented women I wouldn't have met otherwise. Some scheduled future non-Groupon classes. …