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Create an Elegant Bracelet with Simple Wire Shapes

Even if you've got more time than talent, you can still make elegant bracelets. it's easy if you take the time to learn how to make a few simple shapes.

What if you're in a creative mood and want to craft something beautiful, but you don't have all day to do it. Try making a handcrafted bracelet with simple wire shapes. 

That's the beauty of wire jewelry making. Once you learn to craft a few basic shapes, you can mix and match them into a variety of combinations.

The result can be a pair of earrings, a unique necklace or a simple, elegant bracelet like the one in the above photo. 

Best of all, your handcrafted creations will look as though they took hours to make. Only you will know how quick and easy they were.

Create your  bracelet by following a simple pattern of figure 8 and S shapes. 

You can make your own bracelet with wire swirls, circles, triangles or whatever shapes you choose. 

The common elements are the figure 8s that hold the wire shapes together. (Those wond…

Friendly Plastic Jewelry?... Welcome Back

A few years ago when I was in New Orleans, I met a guy at an open air market selling Friendly Plastic jewelry. I can't remember the name of the market, but it was on one of NOLA's main streets. I remember that the guy called himself Oscar of New Orleans and he had a booth filled with the stuff. It was actually pretty cool.

I was fascinated. I hadn't seen Friendly Plastic since the 90s before wire took over as the trendy jewelry medium of choice. I wasn't necessarily a big Friendly Plastic fan back then--frankly, I couldn't figure out what to do with it--but I knew a lot of people who considered it their go-to material. I piddled around with it a little before moving on to wire and metal.

I tried to find some

After I returned from New Orleans, I looked for Friendly Plastic everywhere. I figured if Oscar had that much Friendly Plastic Jewelry it must be coming back, so the crafts stores must have it in stock.

At the time I was a Featured Crafts Contributor for Yahoo Cont…