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A Day Without Headpins (Headpins Are Great But ...)

I have nothing against headpins. I use them too, but sometimes you need a change to jumpstart your creativity.

No Headpins Allowed
Here's a crazy jewelry making idea. Give up headpins for just one day.

No headpins! A crazy notion indeed. Headpins are a jewelry making staple. An earring DIY must-have. Headpin + bead + loop + earwires = earrings. You can do it with your eyes closed. Why would you reject your dependable, little flat-headed jewelry making friends?

I love headpins too; but when you let go of what you usually do, you challenge your creativity. Try it for just one day.


PliersRound nosed pliersCuttersHammer and block - optionalPull out your wire jig if you have one

20 and 16 gauge wire - 20 fits bead holes best. 16 makes bold shapes.Beads - flat beads work wellEar-wires
Wire, the great headpin alternative
Learn a few basic no headpin techniques. Use your imagination; and soon you'll have tons of your own no headpin ideas.

Coiled "Headpin" 

Cut 2…