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Build a Bracelet With Your Own Creative Style

Some people like to have a bracelet or necklace planned every step of the way: this bead will go here, that shape will go there. That's the way most jewelry instructors teach. 

Everybody follows the same steps. Everybody uses the same beads. And everybody goes home with the exact same piece of jewelry.

Why not try it another way? 

First of all, stop doing what everyone else does! Build your bracelet using wire shapes and creativity. 

If you've created jewelry with wire before, either freehand or with a jig, you know how to make wire shapes. If you don't know how to make wire shapes, get some wire and practice.Once you figure out how to make a few simple wire shapes, you'll be on your way to building a fabulously bold bracelet.You can make your bracelet a delicate piece if you prefer. Simply use a smaller guage wire and create delicate shapes shapes.
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More Simple Metalwork Basics - Adding Textures, Letters & Cut-Outs

If I were conducting an in-person metal class, by the end of lesson one I would have reminded you to purchase a jeweler's saw and lots of blades to practice cutting.  And if you returned to class the following week, (some students think working with metal is so difficult they don't return after the first class) I would welcome you back, congratulate you on getting over any beginner's frustration and ask you to pull out your first practice piece.
A Simple Beginning Hopefully, you started out simply, creating a simple shape for a pendant or perhaps two pieces for a pair of earrings. By the second class you probably would have figured out that a round shape sounds simple enough, but it's one of the hardest shapes to cut; so maybe you created a triangle or perhaps an oval instead.
You've cut out your first piece, now you are ready to take the next step to turn that simple metal shape into something creative.
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