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Create 3 Funky Bold Bracelets With Hardware Store 'Findings'

The idea of creating bracelets out of stuff from a hardware store really excites me.

I'm pretty sure it goes back to when I was growing up and my dad's home remodeling projects meant frequent hardware store runs. Back then that was a guy thing, but sometimes Daddy let me tag along. I've been nuts and bolts over nuts and bolts ever since.

That made it easy and fun to DIY 3 funky bold bracelets that say "I'm nuts over you."
Economical "Findings" I shopped for bracelet parts at my local ACE hardware store. It's big enough to have a good selection but small enough that I don't get lost. I found what I needed in a single aisle: little drawers and blister packs of nuts and washers on one side, wire on the other.

I spent way too much time sorting through nuts and bolts and washers, but you don't have to. I couldn't help myself. I kept getting the same tingly feeling I get when a traveling bead show comes to town.

Hardware store jewelry part…

What's Your Tagline, Lady?

Think fast!
The news guy just shoved a microphone in front of your face. "Okay, lady. Say something about your jewelry business," he says. "You have 10 seconds before the next commercial."

Your 10-second blurb  The big question: Can you think of a 10-second something that sums up what you do? 
Forget about the microphone. If you can think of a really great thing to say about you or your jewelry under any circumstances, you should make that your tagline. 

If you can't think of a concise, catchy phrase that sums up you, your jewelry, or your jewelry business, get busy. 

Think Coca-ColaA tagline is a phrase, a slogan, or a brief description of your product or business. It's a positive blurb that makes your target customer remember you. 

Coke marketers were using catchy taglines long before any of us were born. The Ad Age article "130 Year of Coke Taglines" has the complete list. The most recent tagline is, "Taste the feeling."

It's easy, except…