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Jewelry Classes & Clubs: 5 Ways to Get Jewelry-Makers Out of the House

Do you rarely leave home because you work in your home studio, so you don't have to?

As a jewelry artist, it's easy to settle into full-time loner status, eating, working, and sleeping at home. Repeating the cycle day after day. You order supplies online. You sell online. You have friends, but they are online, jewelry-making friends who do the same things you do.
It's important to take a break from creative loneliness by spending time with other creative people. It can motivate and inspire you and boost your creativity. It's easy to do with organized jewelry-making classes and clubs

Spouses and children don't count

When you make jewelry is there always a child (or a spouse) waiting for you to stop playing with your beads so you can play with them... or cook dinner?

When you are considering creative social options, husbands and children don’t count.
In fact, time spent with anyone who wants you to run an errand, pick up groceries, cook or any sort of chore doesn’t coun…