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5 Tips to Help You Claim Your Bad A*** Jewelry Making Style

When you market your handcrafted jewelry, your unique style is your best edge over the jewelry maker in the next booth.

Okay, lets back up here. In all likelihood, you're an online jewelry seller.  A virtual vendor. You've probably never done time in an arts and craft booth.

Also, I really shouldn't say unique when what I mean to say is Bad A***. 
You need an edge

Yes, you should take pride in your meticulous precision. And yes, you should brag about your quality materials. 

You should sell in the finest venues and list on highly-traveled websites.

You should try your best to do everything right, but doing everything right, doesn't guarantee sales.

Quality, precision, and venues are important, but they're meaningless if you make the same jewelry everyone else does. 

My goal is to help you develop the bad a*** diva jewelry-making attitude you need to rise above sameness. These five tips will help.

1. Find your own jewelry making thing

Don't just do what your friend does. …