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Mr. Wonderful and My Bead Addiction

There's nothing like having a handsome man to feed your bead addictionA few years back--and long before online bead shops--my tall, handsome boy friend (let's call him Mr. Wonderful) used to take me to traveling bead shows. Bead and findings vendors from across the country would fill a suburban convention center showroom with table after table of strung beads, silver chains, stones, cabochons, and more. You know, like a bead shop only much, much bigger.

My heart would begin racing as we exited the car and crossed the parking lot. We'd stroll into the showroom and Mr. Wonderful would smile and say, "Get whatever you want, baby." That smooth declaration always set my bead addiction on fast forward. 

Nothing feeds a bead habit like holding a shiny strand in your hot little hand. I'd fondle strands of hematite, amethyst, turquoise, and garnet. I'd go crazy over unique stones, sun-polished wooden beads, and freeform labradorite cabs. 
Mr. Wonderful's bead-buy…