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What Do You Mean You Don't Wear Jewelry?

When I talk to new jewelry students about selling offline at local events, I caution them to do Art and Craft-friendly venues only. I also suggest that if they are invited to do a non-craft, non-art event, do a little research before paying the show fees. 

Art and Craft patrons come to events because they appreciate the ability to purchase handcrafted items. They usually know the value of your work and you don't have to educate them about stones, beads, metals, and wire. Art/Craft lovers enjoy meeting you because you are the artisan. They see you as talented and creative, and when they like something, they buy it without haggling over your price. 

At non-craft, non-art event, attendees often see you as just another vendor pushing a product. They may look, ask for your business card, and walk away empty-handed. 

My Marketing NosAs an artisan, you do want to be appreciated. You want people to enjoy your work and pay you a fair price. When you consider displaying your jewelry in offline…

You Don't Need no Stinkin' Beads!

I've been pushing my wire jewelry-making agenda for a few decades now. I remember taking over an established jewelry class and trying to convince the students to give up headpins and use wire instead. I'll admit, they thought I was a little crazy. 

I was never able to convince them to stop using headpins, so one day I simply locked up all the headpins before they arrived for class. That's what led to my first "Day Without Headpins" workshop. 

I loved making wire jewelry long before it was popular. So, of course, I got excited in recent years when I noticed that many of you were becoming wire people too. You're stepping away from bead-laden jewelry... and headpins. You're mastering wire-work. You're making wire diva creations with techniques so complicated it makes me dizzy. And it's beautiful.
I'm still on my wire missionI love that so many makers are focusing on the power of wire. You're showing off a single bead or a few beads, or no beads …